The police raided the wedding to Morgenstern, when the performer, along with his wife and guests, celebrated the event too loudly on the steamer. Judging by the footage published by the Super portal, representatives of law enforcement agencies blocked the way for the guests.

Ksenia Sobchak, who was present at the event, appealed to the police with a request to explain the reason for the refusal to let the guests go. Later it turned out that the police were called because someone was disturbed by a noisy company.

Before that, bloggers Dylan and Eldar Jarakhov had a fight at the singer’s wedding. The corresponding video was published by REN TV. The footage shows how immediately after Jarakhov’s arrival, Dylan attacked the blogger and brushed off his glasses with the words: “Did you believe in yourself? I’ve been communicating with you normally.” Jarakhov replied to the offender to look at his behavior. After that, the brawlers were separated by the guests present.

Earlier, a star blogger and a friend of the rapper’s brother Ilya Sagliani said that invitations to Morgenstern’s wedding were sold for 50 thousand rubles. Also I learned from friends of the newlyweds what is known about Alisher’s wife and what won the heart of the musician 21-year-old Dilara.