TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak decided to sing a song from the musical “Notre Dame de Paris”, which he dedicated to the problems of the last days: the broken nose and the conflict in the Urals monastery. However, in compositions mostly swearing, and the execution is too fake.

Your broken nose, which “even join the core”, Canine calls the root cause of their misery. Sobchak remembered candid photography with Timothy, scandal crab company, participation in elections, but also remember rassistic statements.

“the Nose is broken and it hurts, but everything’s tight/ I put it anywhere./ But even in the temple where the candle with the oil running, I God’s people ponaveshali kicked”, false exported Sobchak in the image of Quasimodo. Users criticized the TV presenter due to the fact that listening to the proizvelenie impossible for two reasons: the abundance of profanity and absolute misses to the notes.

Founder Sredneuralskaya convent Abbot Sergius, who denied the coronavirus, seized the monastery and urged the Patriarch to voluntarily resign. At the same time, Ksenia Sobchak went to the monastery to make a film that children brought up in the monastery, are exposed to violence. Supporters of father Sergius attacked Sobchak and her cameraman Sergei Erenkova, he broke his arm, seized the camera and erased the footage. Later, however, Ergenkon reported that he was able to recover on the drive the camera remote shooting.