Actor Dmitry Caracois, who played in the popular TV series “Interns” Boris Levin, now lives in London, works as a painter and eats products with expiring. About this newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

As reported by “the Rambler”, a graduate of the Russian University of theatre arts GITIS. Dmitry Caracois left Russia in 2019. In London he first worked in construction and then got a job as a waiter in a popular restaurant ZIMA.

According to the actor, he is now back in the construction industry, was registered as an entrepreneur and is working on hiring a painter. Initially he was given a difficult and low-paying orders, but then he began to get more attractive projects.

Dmitry Caracois maintains a YouTube channel where talks about life in London, including that he has to save and often buy products with expiring shelf life, which are marked with the label reduced, the newspaper said.

“the tuna fish Sandwich you can get for 5-10 pence (10 cents). Among fast food “McDonalds” and “Burger king” were my favorites. For two pounds by a special code-coupon can take five sandwiches and fries. Sauces in the UK is free. The water I drink from the tap, she’s been here drinking for two years on the health is not affected”, – said the actor.

Thus, according to the newspaper, Caracois notes that sometimes it is “the coming depression”.

“When I more than two months lived in the living room with friends and worked from morning till evening — it was a nightmare. So often I never thought about suicide. And there is humor. It was very hard. We rarely produce such thoughts. It’s hard when you’re whole life, since the age of 16, he was an actor, and here, the janitor” – he said.