Check virus

a Report on the positions of political parties in the face of the pandemic were presented by the Director of the Institute of the newest States Alexey Martynov. Together with colleagues he studied the online and offline activity of the parties. The experts took the materials from the official websites and social networks. The flagship of the “anti-virus” struggle expected was “United Russia”. She has proven herself on multiple fronts – and legislative activities, and expert comments, and implement civic initiatives.

In all regions of the country EP was organized by volunteer centers for support of the citizens, the report said. Federal situation centre party daily handles tens of thousands of calls. In addition, the “United Russia” has sent to each region cars for doctors.

the Scientists also mentioned the specific proposals of the party, which factored in the government. In particular, about the increase of the maximum amount of a mortgage loan in which the borrower has the right to issue a vacation credit. Among other things, the EP invited the Cabinet to limit the price of foodstuffs during their growth on the back of the pandemic. “We can say that United Russia is currently an important tool for the implementation of social queries of the Putin majority,” concluded the authors of the report.

the findings of the study commented, the Deputy Secretary General Council of United Russia, state Duma Deputy Yevgeny Revenko. He believes that now is not the time for loud slogans for the sake of political dividends and time to work. “We are talking about calling a national scale, and we all are fighting for the health and life of citizens, – he said. – It is sad that not all parties involved in this fight, but I hope they will join us again”.

He also said, what sources have used the party for the implementation of practical measures. This was due to the Finance everyday life of the party – “United Russia” reallocated to support physicians and citizens. In particular, a preliminary vote in the elections, party members transferred to the online mode, and the saved funds were sent for the purchase of machinery, medicines, protective masks, the organization of volunteer work. Already processed about 200 thousand applications of citizens – first and foremost is the delivery of goods.

on a smaller scale, but is also effective and a number of non-parliamentary parties. The study’s authors singled out newcomers in the political arena. This year, the Ministry of justice has registered four new party. “All newborn political forces from the first days of its existence, actively involved in coronavirus topical news agenda,” the study says. So, the party “For the truth,” set up headquarters mutual assistance in the regions of Russia, has launched a project to provide psychological assistance. Citizens can get recommendations from occupational psychologists on how to survive the regime of isolation and quarantine. In addition, opened a “hot line” legal assistance during a pandemic. Lawyers within the party project to give free advice to employees, employers and small businesses. These measures are popular and enjoy wide popularity, said the head of the party, Zakhar Prilepin.

the Experts also noted the activities of other new parties. For example, the “New people” has launched a charity program, and engaged in raising awareness and collecting information on affected businesses. “Green Alternative” publishes operational information on combating coronavirus and information about volunteer activities. Party direct democracy has launched a number of actions aimed at maintaining the isolation (in particular, publishes useful for citizens documents). “Thus, we can say that all the new parties do not ignore the problem of coronavirus, and some in the first place For “the truth” and the Party of direct democracy, organize non-standard forms of interaction with voters,” the study says.

the Experts also noted some other non-parliamentary parties. It is the “Party of Growth”, which seeks to help entrepreneurs affected by the pandemic. The activity of the party, according to political analysts, due to the position of its leader Boris Titov, who is the business Ombudsman. The party “Civic platform”, is also aimed at business electorate actively engaged in informational assistance of citizens.

Noted in the report of the non-parliamentary party “slipped into a whining” and figured out what in the present situation, the electorate, said the research Professor at the Higher school of Economics Oleg Matveychev. The parliamentary opposition, in his estimation, did not succeed, after making an unsuccessful attempt to update their old, stereotyped ideas under the new situation. The General Director of the Federal expert network “Club of regions” Sergey Starovoytov agree that the pandemic has exacerbated the crisis in many parties, their activities are reduced to General statements, not specific cases. Experts have expressed the General opinion: the current situation will be a kind of test for many political structures.