Russian TV presenter Olga Skobeeva approved the actions of the Belarusian law order during mass protest actions in the country. The journalist noted that it did not support the tyranny of the police of the Republic, but stressed that the tactics of the Minsk government works.

When criticized Belarusian riot police because he shows the brutality note: in Kyiv to disperse failed, and independence was begun and not the end of the sixth year in a row. And here stopped almost three days, she said the TV channel “Russia 1”.

In Belarus from 9 August rallies. Their members are dissatisfied with the results of past presidential elections. According to the CEC, incumbent President Alexander Lukashenko scored 80,08% of the vote. In second place Svetlana Tikhanovski — 10,09%.

Security forces dispersed the discontented using water cannons, stun grenades, rubber bullets and tear gas. In total, they detained more than two thousand demonstrators, among whom were Russian journalists. The clashes caused dozens of people detained more than six thousand demonstrators.

At least one man among the protesters in Minsk were killed. Another detainee, who, according to his family, was not involved in the stock, died in a hospital in Grenoble.

13 August Central election Commission of Belarus has summed up preliminary results of the voting in Minsk. According to the latest data, the incumbent President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko at a presidential election gained 64,49% of the vote in the country’s capital. The main competitor Lukashenko Svetlana Tikhanovski scored in Minsk 14,92%, wrote