Municipal Deputy of Yaroslavl Dmitry Petrovsky wrote a letter to the Investigation Committee with a request to check the post blogger Yuri Dude in Instagram on the subject of public abuse of power. About Petrovsky reported on his page on Facebook.

we are talking about the post where the Dude criticized the amendments to the Basic law and vote on it. According to the Deputy, the words of the blogger insult of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin in the performance of their official duties. Petrovsky explained that you can have your civil position and to disagree in something with the President, and the President “may be wrong”. To Express their disagreement “can and should”, but to stoop to insults – it is impossible.

“Insulting him we insult especially those who chose him. That is ourselves. That is our country. But this is unacceptable. If we ourselves will not be respected – nobody will respect,” wrote Peter.

examples of the abuse, which allegedly allowed himself a Dude in his post, the MP failed. He called the blogger a “slacker, in his life nor lift a finger” and added that he must “work” for parasitism the year in his “his worthless life.”

Petrovsky Also advised the opponents of the amendments to the Constitution to argue their position, and if these parameters are “set”, then MP would be willing to participate in the discussion.

“And quite possibly, if I have someone prove his innocence – what will change my mind. It’s okay,” concluded Peter.

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