Chief editor of RT Margarita Simonyan published in the Telegram photo article Prime Minister of Armenia, Nikol Pashinyan, in which he urged not to praise the ancestors, as they left nothing behind.

“anyone who doubted the authorship of the article noted. We have all the moves written,” wrote Simonyan.

Previously, Margarita Simonyan quoted article of the current Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinian.

“I condemn our ancestors, curse them because they did nothing to ensure that we today have lived with more dignity and more pride. Our ancestors did not care about their descendants, at least the way animals instinctively care. I condemn all those who are praising our ancestors,” – said in the article.

Simonyan called the addition a “disgrace and a mankurt” and said that her genocide survivor grandmother would spit in his face.

As he wrote the Rambler, after the aggravation of the situation on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border Margarita Simonyan issued an appeal to the Armenian authorities, in which the accused official Yerevan of ingratitude and consistent anti-Russian policy. In particular, Simonyan said that the Armenian authorities did not recognize the Crimea, put “constant ally of Russia,” former President Robert Kocharian, as well as “flooded Armenia anti-Russian NGOs”.