The chief editor of Russia Today Margarita Simonyan has addressed the Belarusian authorities with the demand to release the detained journalists, including the author of the project WarGonzo Seeds Pegova. Their appeal is published in the Telegram-channel.

Put on the asphalt in Minsk rough detained Russians

“Rambler” wrote that on August 9, in Belarus presidential elections were held. After voting in Minsk began to protest. Between its members and law enforcement officers clashed. Later it became known that the Belarusian security forces beat and detained journalists of Russian publications, including the author of the Telegram-channel WarGonzo Seeds Pegova.

Today Margarita Simonyan issued an appeal to the law enforcement agencies of Belarus and personally President Alexander Lukashenko.

“In my country you are free to restore order as you wish. Moreover, this night a lot of my friends are rooting for you. But! Hold still so hard journalists doing their job, you are not eligible. If you don’t want to make enemies in the face of those people who supported you to this fateful night, IMMEDIATELY release the Seeds Pegova!” – she demanded (spelling and punctuation of the author saved).

According to the editor of Russia Today, the journalistic community is waiting for information about where is Pegov and provided him medical care.

“All journalists covering your elections fairly and impartially, among other things – must be released immediately!” she said.