Since the maternity clinic in Eckernförde has been closed, pregnant women have to take another route to give birth. Which doesn’t always work out in time. That’s why a hardware store manager has now set up a “stork parking lot” in a parking lot. “With the stork parking lot we want to set a sign of solidarity for the women here,” Stefan Lehrke told “Bild”.

The car park is on the main road between Flensburg and Kiel and is already known to the midwives and is used. According to the report, Nadine Sommer gave birth to a child there.

She wanted to make her way to Kiel, but the contractions became too strong. She made an appointment with midwife Annkathrin Brien at the “Storchenparkplatz”. There the midwife, in consultation with the emergency doctor and paramedics who had been summoned, decided to make her way to the Kiel University Clinic. “An ambulance is not a delivery room, the closures not only endanger mother and child, but everyone involved in the operation,” says the midwife.