A fire triggers a major alarm in Mannheim. Several floors are said to be on fire in the affected commercial building. The house is said to be in danger of collapsing, parts are falling down. Residents are asked to keep doors and windows closed.

Due to a fire in a commercial building in Mannheim, a large road closure was set up on Friday. According to SWR, it is said to be a building from the former Kauffmann mill.

According to the preliminary status, the fire spread over several floors of the unoccupied building, as a police spokesman said. The attic also caught fire. Two people were injured.

The two people were injured when they escaped from the building, the spokesman said. It was already in danger of collapsing before the fire. Due to the fire, the danger of collapse is now massive. “The site is very dangerous,” said the spokesman.

The police warned against entering the cordoned off area as parts of the building could fall down. Residents have also been asked to keep windows and doors closed. The fire was not under control as of Friday afternoon. Traffic disruptions remained. The extent of the damage and the cause of the fire could not yet be estimated. There were major traffic disruptions around the scene of the fire. The cause of the fire remained unclear for the time being.