the Ukrainian cruise anti-ship missiles P-360 complex LCD 360МЦ “Neptune” during the tests at the state landfill AliBey in Odessa region almost simultaneously destroyed two targets, according to АрміяInform.

According to the chief designer of design Bureau “Luch” Oleg Korosteleva, working on weapons, rockets were launched on the two objectives in the Black sea with an interval of two seconds from each other. The developer noted that the first target was at a distance of 85 kilometers from the launch site, and the second — at the distance of 110 kilometers away. The distance between the goals was more than 20 kilometers.

Korostelev said that over the 10-15 kilometers to the destruction of the target missiles equipped with homing heads, lowered the altitude to five metres above sea level. “Next rocket calculated the optimum point of impact, travelling a path that remained, and destroyed two naval targets. I congratulate all of you! The tests were successful, all surface targets were struck in a given range”, — said the designer.

In April, Defense Express posted on the YouTube video, which shows the penetration of the R-complex 360 LCD 360МЦ “Neptune” in the marine goal.

In July 2019, former Secretary of the national security Council and defense of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov said that the Crimean bridge in a few minutes may be destroyed “Neptune”.

In February of the same year, The National Interest wrote that in case of success “Neptune” will be a key milestone in the development of missiles in Ukraine.

the R-complex 360 RC-360МЦ “Neptune” has a warhead weighing 150 pounds, with a launch range up to 280 kilometers and a speed of about 900 kilometers per hour. The altitude of the rocket flight — from three to ten metres above sea level.