This took the pupils and students – participants in the online challenge Group movement of national technology initiative (NTI). The goal of the challenge is to develop a mobile game in the growing genre now playing – hypercasual. This game without a complicated plot with an extremely easy operation and a clear purpose. At the same time the team held an educational program: studied game design, programming, Analytics, monetization and other areas.

In the end, 865 children have created their own unique puzzles, platformers and strategy. The plot was different everywhere: you can play space pilot, destroying asteroids. Or for the student, bored at a lesson of geometry. Riders on cyberpunk the car and even the dog archaeologist and master of the sword! The total in these games is that they draw attention to actual problems in education, ecology and society.

the Project is supported by Ministry of education of Russia. The best teams from Moscow, Sevastopol, Barnaul, Perm, Petrozavodsk, Kiev, Chelyabinsk, Ufa. The youngest finalist is studying in 8th class.

today the winners under the leadership of the games industry experts finalize their projects to full games. According to the results of GameNet-the challenge a few games come to market National technology initiative – GameNet STI, and their designers will collaborate with leading companies in the gaming sphere.

by the Way, best educational practices, Sectarian movements of the NTI, with the support of the Ministry of education will appear in the regions. Now Russia has created a national network of technology clubs. And in the fall scheduled the launch of the National technology Olympiad for schoolchildren, which will allow the best guys-techies to create their own engineering designs and to go on to top universities.

As told “RG” the Director of the STATE educational institution “Moscow center “Patriot.Sports” Matthew Govorushenko, Russia was the first to recognize eSports as an official sport in 2001. Interest in eSports disciplines is often the first step to learning programming, web-design or 3D modeling. Moreover, computer games can help in the study of ordinary school subjects.

– Moscow school No. 868, for example, introducing in the educational process of computer games and advanced technology, says Matthew Govorushenko. – Subjects with a Patriotic bent – World of Tanks and “Caliber” – a good complement to the lessons of history. They recreated the historically accurate elements of armament and clothing that allows children to visually explore the events of the past of our country. Physical education classes become more interesting with the use of a dance simulation Just Dance, and theoretical studies can be carried out using FIFA 20, by studying the actions of players and tactical schemes. In curriculum linguistics, Russian and foreign languages can include parsing the speech of the characters, especially their inflections and accents. Many games are published in the original language of the developers and of the child require at least a basic understanding of grammar, syntax and, of course, a large vocabulary.