The debate over whether kids should have pets has been going on for decades. Is it good for children to grow up with pets? Does it really teach them responsibility, or does it put even more responsibility on already overworked parents? There are plenty of parents out there who are already overwhelmed with work, social lives, and babies. They already have to worry about finding car seats, the best stroller, bassinets, and cup holders for infants and toddlers, so adding a dog to the mix can seem like just too much to handle.


Then, there are the parents who handle the car seats, strollers, and toddlers with ease and have owned pets since before their kids were born. These parents think every child should grow up with a pet around the house. Parents fall on opposite sides of the fence often in this debate. As a parent, which side do you fall on? If you’re unsure, then read on below for some reasons you should consider adopting a pet for your child to grow up with.



When you have a dog in your home, you have a certain measure of protection from burglars and intruders who might want to do you and your family harm. It’s also great to have a dog with you when you’re out for your evening walk with the baby in her stroller. When you’re searching for the best strollers, car seats, and bassinets before you bring your newborn home from the hospital, keep the dog you’ll take on your travels with you in mind as well.


You want any stroller you choose, whether it’s a single or a double stroller, to be lightweight, have a canopy, be a durable, compact stroller, and be easy to maneuver so your pet can go along with you for your walks and rides. Make sure that, just as you want a durable infant car seat and a travel system that fits your newborn and toddler’s needs, you know what your new pet needs and how he can protect you and your family as well.




Children raised with pets learn responsibility early in life if you teach them to take care of their own animals. Of course, different ages should have different responsibilities when it comes to having a dog. Pets need care and attention all the time, not just when someone feels like it. Cats, dogs, birds, and other animals depend on their humans to feed them, exercise, and entertain them as well. If you start teaching your child from an early age that their pet depends on them for everything, your children are apt to grow up with a sense of responsibility and compassion for others that you can be proud of.


One part of the responsibility for a pet falls directly on the parent’s shoulders, and that’s the responsibility of taking your pets to the vet for annual checkups and shots. It’s easier to do that and much less expensive if you have reliable, affordable pet insurance to help pay the expense. Make sure that you go to a site that is reputable and lets you compare rates and deductibles and even offers discounts on the insurance you need. Just like insurance for humans, insurance for pets comes with different price points and deductibles. Compare pet insurers carefully before deciding what premiums and deductibles you can afford to pay to help pay the vet bills for illnesses and regular care that your pet may need.

Active Kids



Not only does your pet keep you active by having to take him for walks every day, whether it’s alone or pushing the stroller with your newborn or toddler in it, they also help to keep your kids active as well. Make sure that your stroller has a large storage basket, a footrest, adjustable handlebars, and is lightweight for a smooth ride for your baby and to make it easier for your pup to keep up.


Just as there are safety tips for jogging strollers and taking your toddler or newborn on walks with their stroller in tow, there are safety tips for adopting a pup as well. Follow those tips, and soon you’ll wonder how your home ever did without the pet you love.

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