DGB boss Yasmin Fahimi accuses employers of having completely failed in HR policy and firmly rejects raising the retirement age, despite the shortage of skilled workers.

The chairwoman of the German Trade Union Confederation (DGB), Yasmin Fahimi, has accused companies of wrong personnel policies with regard to the shortage of skilled workers and has spoken out against raising the retirement age. “When employers complain that they are losing skilled workers, that is often enough the result of their own failed personnel policies in the past,” Fahimi told the editorial network Germany (RND). “Healthy working conditions, sufficient efforts in training and good wages are the means to combat labor shortages. If you offer good work, you get good people.”

At a higher retirement age, she fears smaller pensions. “A clear no to raising the age limit for pensions – because this is nothing more than a pension cut through the back door. Anyone who can and wants to work longer can do so today,” added Fahimi. “However, many employees are no longer able to stay healthy until retirement.” For employees in care, in construction or in factories, working longer is not an option. “Those who work hard also have a significantly lower life expectancy and therefore receive a shorter pension anyway.”