Not everyone was happy about the increase in housing benefits. Due to a lack of staff, municipalities warned of a long delay in payment. The responsible minister promises ongoing help.

In view of feared delays in the payment of housing benefit, Federal Building Minister Klara Geywitz (SPD) has promised further assistance for the municipalities. For the municipalities and offices, the expansion of the service is a huge challenge, said Geywitz of the German Press Agency in Berlin. “Therefore we support where we can.”

Geywitz said: “In view of rising energy prices and inflation, we have ensured a rapid housing benefit reform in order to relieve people with low incomes in a targeted manner.” . “Otherwise, many people, whether they are pensioners, low earners or single parents, would not be able to cope with the increased ancillary heating costs,” said Geywitz.

The state subsidy was also increased by an average of 190 euros per month. This means that eligible households receive an average of around 370 euros per month. Municipalities and states had warned of months of delays in payment. The reason given was a lack of staff in the responsible authorities.

Geywitz confirmed that the support for the municipalities includes simplifications for the administrations and practical assistance for the employees in the offices. “Many municipalities are on the right track, they have positioned themselves well,” said Geywitz. “We will continue to support the implementation of the housing benefit reform and remain in close contact with the federal states and municipalities to help where we can.”

One of the simplified application procedures is that the housing benefit can also be applied for by telephone or informal e-mail.