Sheremetyevo international airport is resuming the movement of trains in terminal-to-terminal transition (ICC), preserved in may in the midst of the pandemic coronavirus and the decrease in passenger traffic. This was reported by the press service of the airport.

"Sheremetyevo International airport from 06:00 on 15 July 2020 restored the movement of trains of the ICC. For the convenience of passengers, the cars will run between the North and South terminal complex (STC and LTC) daily, round-the-clock" – it is told in the message.

Originally planned to run only one line, and the second, planning to run based on the situation with the restoration of passenger traffic. The stated interval between trains will be about 8 minutes and the journey time of 3.5 minutes.

Previously Sheremetyevo has suspended the work of the transition on the background of the decrease in passenger traffic due to the coronavirus.