Also, when Sheffield United are in a lot of the staff are technically out of work. In contrast, a number of other English clubs, so does Sheffield, there is no appeal to the emergency fund of the British government, and will remain, the employees and the full pot of to pay. The club also encourages them to volunteer to do it.

“some of our staff are in day-to-day tasks will no longer run”, says in a statement, the Premier League club. “It’s important to have a part-time staff, as well as the number of full-time employees. Even though we pay continue to pay, do they not go to Bramall Lane to come. They are free to sign up as a volunteer for the national health system or to any other organization.”

Earlier, Tottenham, Newcastle, Bournemouth, and Norwich, however, appealed to the British government, which has eighty-five percent of the salary of the temporarily unemployed workers movement. The public was not in the movie. With West Ham and Southampton have the players to submit to the non-playing staff to be able to continue to pay for it. Although Sheffield does not make use of the Uk’s emergency response plan, close to the club that they have is that, in the future, but it will do. “We will have at a later time to decide, if the full financial impact of the coronacrisis self-evident.”