with All the bars and restaurant forced to close down due to the coronamaatregelen in the United States, which in many places is the case. That’s brought Her Troubles on the Sand Bar, located in the U.s. state of Georgia, and headaches. Her cafe attracts lots of customers, and when the weather is nice, but for the moment they stay away, and she could their employees not to pay. Until they realized that the solution to the problem of the walls and the ceiling due to years of habit of the customer to the bank notes with messages to the staple.

“I can’t get up,” said Knox, who’s bar, as the six-year graduation and not for a moment doubted, for it is the interior change. “I’m trying to do what I can for my people.” Knox and five of the volunteers were quick to get to all of the dollarbriefjes, which, for fifteen years, customers have been vastgeniet to make it.

in The end, after three-and-a-half-day prutswerk: 3714, the $ 3.396 million), which is foreign money, and it was still $ 390 (356), which was collected before the bar by a couple of hard-tooghangers. The money is already divided up among the staff, and the musicians, who are regularly at the Sand Bar action.

But that’s not the end for Knox. They want the entire region to help put an action on the feet in order to raise money for the local businesses, will be temporarily unemployed, and individuals. “Everyone on the island can all use a little help. We will be here to continue”, says another. “I’m anxious to back, drinks to be served.”

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