Khabarovsk citizens left on the second day action in support of Sergey Furgala. Stock less numerous than held in the afternoon. To the audience came the Minister of health region Alexander Vitko, reminding about the danger of the spread of coronavirus.

A solidarity action was also held in Vladivostok. Protesters took to the city’s Central square under the pretext of feeding the pigeons. About 1,000 people chanted slogans in support Furgala. Another action of the same magnitude took place in Komsomolsk-on-Amur.

The options in the region Business FM discussed with the President of Fund “the Petersburg policy” Michael Vinogradov.

the — whether for the Federal government as a surprise for such a massive protest after the arrest of the Governor?

— Well, of course, is the problem, it’s the surprise of it and the consequence of the fact that virtually arrest Furgala was not prepared, and, moreover, last week after the first protests, too, in fact, wasted, despite some maneuvering, including Khabarovsk elites that began. This pause is not yet leading to serious demobilization of the protesters. And in conditions when the mass protests on practically all subjects are in the country under the ban, of course, any such action receives a significant sound. If such shares of different sizes to be held in the country every day or every weekend and in many regions, Khabarovsk case would be one of many, and in this case it is really the most powerful, the biggest event of the year.

the — These shares have already commented earlier in the Kremlin, but the reaction is not followed. How can Moscow react to such a massive protest?

— Some major concessions like the liberation Furgala or to Khabarovsk SIZO are presented is unlikely, and so it is clear that possible scenario — a hypothetical Governor from the liberal democratic party and thereby the sign to a political dialogue, considering the protests. And in fact, although it is assumed that any concessions to the protests, the state destroyed, examples of these concessions, like the temple in Ekaterinburg not long ago, they by and large to the weakening of the power led. There is an option to wait until the protest exhale, to assign a figure incomprehensible and harassing in the hope that people will throw out the emotions, but it is not followed by some serious strategy and a week, another third everything will start to crumble and dissolve. Either option is tough, aggressive suppression, but today it seems counterproductive, but it is clear that some immunity against such steps, though, I think, for the government it would be undesirable.

the — what’s the figure, acting in Khabarovsk region now would satisfying an��RIT protesters? Is there some kind of compromise of the local, which would have made the Federal centre, and Khabarovsk?

— Still unhappy in some form will be, therefore, a clear decision, I think. Rather, the question of total drama will feature the situation with the appointment. Yet, perhaps, the Federal government obviously, the purpose of a “sensitizer” will cause a new wave of performances, and she doesn’t want to “feed” protest. So, naturally, in conditions when the change of power in the Khabarovsk region was not prepared seriously, any person is an experiment.

the — Given the scale of the protests, which the center will draw conclusions what will be the consequences and whether they can be for the organizers of the rallies, although it is not clear who will organize them?

— Well, to call someone can organizer and extremist, it’s not a problem if you wish. But the paradox is that quite a lot of experience of conflict resolution social, political, in recent years, accumulated Federal government, but a powerful collective experience it has created. That is every time faced with this situation, the Central government acts as if from scratch, a powerful internal algorithm, in my opinion, does not arise.

the — why the official opposition, even the victim of the liberal democratic party dissociates itself from this protest?

— The liberal democratic party, of course, wants to show that she kept some at least of the elements, the remains of political influence. Talking about the appointment of aldayarova acting Governor worth something. Naturally, the liberal democratic party would like to go out with minimum costs from conflict.

Daily protest in support of Furgala gathered, by different estimates, from 15 thousand to 50 thousand people. City hall stated about 10 thousand. The head of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky on July 18 announced the appointment of the acting head of the Khabarovsk territory. According to him, the document will be signed on Monday, July 20, the acting Governor will become the representative of LDPR.