The staff of the TV program “Vesti on Saturday” went to the isolation. The transfer will not be broadcasted on may 23. About it in social networks wrote host Sergey Brilev.

“became Infected and became ill on one of our employee, which we all had some contact. Our whole team passed the tests. Fortunately, we all have the virus is not detected. But rules are rules. We have to go to the isolation. This Saturday live we will not,” said Brilev.

He noted that this is not his first withdrawal for revealing COVID-19 colleagues .

Previously it happened on may 9:

“Due to the fact that Saturday had may 9 (when the layout of the channel of the other), no one noticed my previous isolation. Fortunately, infected and sick, then my closest ally ever since discharged”.

Earlier, the Rambler reported that the coronavirus has loosened its grip in Russia.