on 27 June for all pupils and students across the country held a Federal online-“Prom-2020”. Farewell to graduates will give the Minister of education Sergey Kravtsov and Minister of science and higher education Valery Falkov. And the rectors and College Directors talk about different professions and opportunities for the children.

Evening entertainment “Prom-2020” will culminate in the festival “Scarlet sails”.

“Scarlet sails” this year will also be online. The culmination of the holiday water show and the passage of the brig “Russia” in the waters of the Gulf of Finland will be broadcast by all Central TV channels. The Chairman of the Petersburg regional branch of all-Russian pedagogical Assembly, the Director of the Lyceum N 369 Constantine Kostov told RG that the children, of course, upset. But there is no escape, the pandemic has not yet been possible to celebrate. The more ahead of the exams and ill not. “Then, when the situation becomes better, we will gather graduates in the Lyceum and will give them a real ball.”

to say goodbye to classmates and teachers and by tradition, to meet a dawn on quay of Irtysh will not work until and students of Omsk, graduation decided to move in August. At the same time and graduates can deliver again – this time in a festive atmosphere.

the most unusual outlet in the Omsk region will take place in Bolsheatmasskoe high school, where this year only one graduate – Christina Prusakova.

– Christine in any case, without a holiday will remain, – told “RG” the Director of the school Faith Pouts. – As soon as allowed, we congratulate. Teachers and children from other classes prepare for her real concert. Sure to be a cake and a gift from the school. Christina is going to enter the history Department and to work as a teacher.

the online holiday of the graduates of the Stavropol territory preparing. In the resort Zheleznovodsk, for example, celebrations will consist of online marathons, quests, competitions and quizes.

– Each class is working on its content. Fantasy the guys are very rich – is scheduled, for example, rescue the Princess from the dragon, will be a real detective story, – told “RG” in the administration of Zheleznovodsk.

In Ulyanovsk online-stream farewell graduates with the school will last all day. Will be organized inclusion of various parts of the region, performances and flash mobs. Athletes, artists tell interesting stories from his life related to the completion of their studies. In live communication will involve the graduates themselves, their parents and teachers.

And in the Penza region plan to hold a prom with a real waltz after passing the exam. But the final date will depend on epigastralgia. So now the seniors are preparing for exams and sew outfits.

In the Crimea, graduation balls will be held inATA TV. Traditional waltz in the school yard and celebrate, alas, will not. Each school chooses how and when to hold graduation.

– the daughter already was the custom of the feast, – says the mother of the graduate Ekaterina Ivanova, the Certificate she received the masks and gloves in the Director’s office without the presence of outsiders, including parents.

Parents of graduates in the Sverdlovsk region, meanwhile, are scratching their heads over another challenge: how to make graduation photo album.

– Portrait photo shot so the guys scheduled to come to the Park, the photographer took pictures. The overall picture was doing on the day of graduation. The photographer snapped the guys on the porch, groups of 10 people. Then assemble the frames into one picture – reveals the secret mother of the graduate Marina Poroshina.

In the Saratov region has cancelled the traditional annual festival for graduates of the “wind rose” with the fireworks and evening concert.

a Boarding school in the village of Gyda in the Yamal Peninsula – one of the few schools where the prom is still held. And the Yamal Nenets translates as the edge of the world, and the school and is located in its most northerly point on the Kara sea. Here, children learn reindeer-nomads, to her parents in the tundra they are delivered by helicopter just for the holidays. When the pandemic began, it was decided to leave the eight students in the boarding school so they could better prepare for the exam. They continued to live there and study with observance of all sanitary norms. So June 27 is going to the real prom. The girls will be in ball gowns, guys in business suits.

– part of the rooms planned in the Nenets language, the children will be performing the national dance, says headmaster Andrew Andriesen. – Half of them – representatives of the indigenous peoples of the North, live in a remote tundra.

And as admitted by the Director, it is a pity that this year parents will not be able to attend with their children at graduation. Still, the restrictions because of coronavirus in the region has not yet lifted.

Online outlet for students this year – a series of events: intelligent online quiz, lectures, challenges and more.

With 14 hours Vkontakte, the student will begin the prom, organized by the Ministry of education and science jointly with the presidential platform of “Russia-country of opportunities” and the Russian Union of rectors. In the evening, the First channel graduates will concert.

He will be the main event of the festival, with the “stars” on it are themselves graduates of universities from different cities. Congratulations to the graduates turn rectors of universities, heads of corporations and celebrities. The concert will feature a favorite of students and artists and popular bloggers.

According to the head of the Ministry of education Valery Falkova, vseross��uski student prom will become an annual summer holiday of the students.

– He not only unite the universities and provide an opportunity for the whole country to congratulate graduates, but will also allow us to say words of gratitude to teachers and parents for their labours, – the Minister noted.

under the Ministry of education in a social network “Vkontakte” all-Russian online outlet guys congratulate teachers, principals and parents. The program also includes the history of students – winners of Olympiads and national competitions, online competitions with prizes, master classes and flash mobs. Email every graduate will be able to write a “letter to adulthood” that comes to him in a year.

on the same day will be a unique event – the most massive in the history of a group video call with teachers on the platform the social network “Odnoklassniki”: from 100 teachers at the same time I congratulate the boys and their parents.

the Evening will be a concert. Graduates will enjoy performances of your favorite artists, and some will get a special gift – a personal communion with the idol.