Especially high risk of infection for those who are close to inficirovannymi.

Experts at Purdue University have made a visualization that shows how the COVID-19 is distributed through the cabin of the aircraft.

On the model of one of the passengers in the Central part of the salon is infected with a coronavirus. In some moment, he sneezes and the pathogen begins to spread. Particularly high risk for passengers, the seats are located around the infected, but does not exclude the infection of everyone on Board.

the Passengers on the visualization are highlighted during a five-hour flight on Boeing-767 have a chance to get 1:3. At shorter flight risk is 1:5. It can reduce the ventilation is located on top and bottom.

This #datavizualisation shows how tiny invisible droplets from a single cough can flow through the cabin of a Boeing 767 passenger jet@washingtonpost / #tech #data #COVID19 #plane @CurieuxExplorer @jblefevre60 @PawlowskiMario @ShiCooks @mvollmer1 @ValensNtirenga2

— Pierre-Antoine Rizk (@Droit_IA) April 29, 2020.

In the world the number of cases COVID-19 more than three million. Earlier, the expert of Rospotrebnadzor predicted peak of the pandemic coronavirus in Russia. Before it was revealed a record number of new infected per day -7 099 85 regions.