Revealed that patients who recover from COVID-19, not antibodies. This fact is one of the mysteries of coronavirus, said the academician, chief immunologist of St. Petersburg, Director of the Institute of epidemiology and Microbiology named after Pasteur Areg totolyan.

According to him, is now under the supervision of scientists for more than 200 ill COVID-19 patients. Among them are those who have a definite diagnosis, but antibodies are not produced. “These patients more than we expected,” – said Tatyana “news”.

the Specialist said that normally, antibodies are not produced with immunodeficiency, but there are people in the population not so much. But among the recovering COVID-19 their was much more that deserved close study.

There are also people who are immune to the coronavirus, they do not become infected. It is also surprising to scientists. According to the immunologist, the study of such people will help to find the answer to the question about the universal remedy against coronavirus infection.