indicates that new theory is “biologically plausible”.

In the course of treatment of patients with a confirmed diagnosis of coronavirus infection, Italian doctors discovered that the main reason for increased mortality among men may be the testosterone. Shortly after the publication of the materials, their research and interested in other countries. Reported by the Daily Mail.

This is not a clear link was discovered by specialists in prostate cancer whose patients also being treated for the coronavirus. The thing is that with this type of cancer prescribed drugs, radically reduces the level of testosterone. Among the men whom they took, the mortality rate was below four times.

the fact that testosterone boosts the level of protein TMPRSS2, which is involved in prostate cancer. This same protein is used by the coronavirus in order to “unlock” the cells of the human body after you get them. Accordingly, lowering its level, increases the body’s resistance to infection.

Now doctors from the London Institute of cancer research studying this relationship, and their colleagues from the University of California, Los Angeles consider drugs that block testosterone as a potential therapy of coronavirus. However, one of the main difficult such treatment are serious side effects to the male body.

— a Biologically plausible that testosterone makes people more susceptible to coronavirus, said Professor Nick James from the Institute of cancer research in London.

it is Worth noting that the male body is not only more vulnerable to the virus, but also more susceptible to infection, as men have often an increased concentration of angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (АПФ2), which in turn is the “key” for getting the coronavirus in the cage.