At the moment this planet is most similar to ours.

Experts from the Institute of Solar system research max Planck Society on its website has published a brief research report in which they found Earth-like planet located in a system of solar-type stars.

According to scientists, the star Kepler-160 and its planet KOI-456.04 are the most accurate “copy” of the Sun and Earth found at the moment.

We may not be alone in this universe!! ??

Earth-like planet orbiting Sun-like stars located at a distance of 3000 light-years from the Solar system.

Astronomers have long watched the star Kepler-160 and two of its planets Kepler-Kepler and 160b-160c (they are both a lot more Land). But recently, scientists made the assumption that stars can exist yet another unseen planet. Using archival data of the telescope “Kepler” they discovered a previously unknown planet — KOI-456.04.

, Its radius is 1.9 radius of the Earth, and it revolves around its star in 378 days. Furthermore, the planet rotates in the habitable zone and could potentially be habitable or inhabited.

Catherine Gura

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