But is it possible the formation of tornadoes in Central Russia? Perhaps, but it is very rare, scientists say. “Season of tornadoes in the European territory of Russia lasts from may to September. The maximum probability of their formation is in June. Tornadoes can form in the area of 17-18 hours of the day. Yes, in Moscow and in the suburbs, there’d be these natural phenomena. In Moscow, the strongest tornado was June 16, 1904. Of the last strong tornado recorded in the suburbs (Ruzsky district) 13 Jul 2016”, – told the “Russian newspaper”, senior researcher of the Institute of atmospheric physics A. M. Obukhov of the Russian Academy of Sciences, candidate of physico-mathematical Sciences Alexander Chernokulskiy.

Tornadoes, as specified in the Hydrometeorological center, is a huge air vortices in the form of funnels, which are formed due to the sudden invasion of cold air into the heated. The formation of tornadoes over the territory of Russia, indeed, is typical for the beginning of summer. The weather is still not stable, the atmosphere and the earth warmed up completely. Therefore, if after a few abnormally hot days suddenly break through the air of the Arctic, but a tornado is possible. In the middle of summer and at the end the atmosphere is already enough well-heated, so such sharp differences do not exist.

Tornadoes periodically in early summer observed over the black sea coast can be even in the North of the European territory. In particular, the Meteorologist recalled that the tornado June 9, 1984, was held in the Ivanovo region. He even got the name of the Ivanovo tornado and went into fiction and film.

the Tornado originated about 15 km South of Mann on the border of forest and field. He then moved on to the Western suburbs Ivanov. The wind speed in the funnel reached 100 meters per second. The tornado destroyed residential houses, country houses, celosamente. In different sources of met information about the dead and wounded.