In this human embryo cells divide at an incredible rate.

Researchers from the U.S. have grown mouse embryos, 4% of the cells which is human, said the study published in Science Advances.

This is the highest percentage of human cells in an animal for all history of similar developments.

Scientists suggest that many types of human cells can be generated in mouse embryos and with much greater speed than human embryos. It carries huge potential for the treatment of human diseases, perhaps even COVID-19.

In their study, the researchers introduced a 10-12 stem cells in developing mouse embryos. For 17 days, these stem cells have turned into millions of Mature cells, including human red blood cells and eye cells. The human embryo red blood cells are formed 8 weeks, and eye cells even longer.

According to the researchers, the technology is still at a very early stage, moreover, is fraught with ethical issues. But even at this stage it provides a much better model for studying human diseases.

Anna Lysenko

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