Employees of the Astrakhan state University have created a plastic wrap that can be eaten. It is made from gelatin, made on the basis of fish scales.

As noted in the press service of the University, this film is an alternative to synthetic materials and helps protect the product from damage.

“Unique development can act as a way of introduction into the product of antioxidants, enzyme or functional additives in food,” – said at the University.

it Also became known that the experts have created several types of film. Them, for example, can be used in the manufacture of packages for storing and freezing food or for packing meals from saveriani. And in the second case it is possible to produce color film print. They perform not only protective but also decorative function in confectionery. And thanks to the attractive appearance of this film can act as an edible decoration.

“a Number of experiments and measurements of microbiological indicators of safety proved that the film can keep its properties for more than 100 days at room temperature,” – said the press service of the University.