the Unusual orbital characteristics of Neptune K2-25b can be explained by its migration to its star and not the perturbing influence of another celestial body.

according to scientists, this suggests that exoplanets of the type of hot Jupiter and hot Neptune formed far from their stars, and then continue to communicate with them. The researchers ‘ findings published in the journal the Astronomical Journal.

K2 Exoplanet-25b opened in 2015, classifying it as a hot Neptune. It is considered a young planet. Its mass is approximately 11.6 mass of the Earth, and a year on it lasts 3,48 earth day.

to learn why hot Neptune moves on an orbit with high eccentricity (deviation from circular), the group of astronomers headed by Isabelle Cain, of northeastern University has published an analysis of 22 consecutive events, the transit of the exoplanet across the stellar disk. Traffic monitoring K2-25b were conducted with the help of space telescope “Kepler”, which previously opened it, and “the Spitzer”.

the exoplanet’s Orbit will become circular after completion of the migration process, approximately 410 million years. Scientists put forward the theory of the origin of the unusual orbital characteristics of K2-25b: the mechanism of its migration to its star similar to that which occurs in hot Jupiters.