to reduce the risk of cancer, need to move more and forget about the cocktails and steaks. These recommendations have been published by the American society for the fight against cancer, CNN reports.

the Society recommends to fully give up alcohol, processed and red meats, sugary drinks and move more than previously recommended, which will help to maintain a healthy weight.

Scientists are finding more links between cancer and excess weight. In the latest report of the world cancer research Fund lists the 12 types of cancer linked to overweight or obesity. First of all it concerns breast cancer and colon cancer.

At the same time, they note that there is no “Superfoods” or even group of products, the use of which would give certain “guarantees” against disease. The diet should be balanced and varied.

the recommendations stated that exercises should be to spend at least 300 minutes per week, although it used to be that 150 minutes would be enough. Joggers should increase the time a heavy load up to 150 minutes a week, but the best are 300 minutes.

Anna Lysenko

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