In Russia on the background of the pandemic coronavirus remains a lot uncertain, the entire Internet is filled with revelations and horror stories about the coronavirus, protection, mortality and other things, he said in Instagram, the analyst Yevgeny Satanovsky. But more importantly – in the management of the country there is a complete “mess”, and sees it even the President Vladimir Putin.

Putin periodically speaks of this “mess”, but without shouting, though not quite kindly. “Very calming effect Mishustin: the face is calm and normal voice tone, correct”, – said Satanovsky. The irritation causes Medvedev, who always acts out of place. “Golikova is one of its kind panic leads: what says it doesn’t matter, just want to escape to the lifeboats”, – the expert continued. But the presence in their places, Sergei Lavrov and Sergei Shoigu comforting – it means “tomorrow” in the country will come.

But half of the rest of the government convinces us to the contrary, adds to the skepticism Satanovsky. When in Russia, talk about the future, and to him I do not want to live. Take the business, which is very hard. “About the new reforms can hear your finger the trigger is looking for,” gloomily said the expert.

Meanwhile, in the United States prescribe special grants to talk to the media about the fact that the authorities in Russia allegedly hide the true situation with the coronavirus. “And then it does not realize that the lie that the truth that the provocation that the panic is sincere, but they are not less harmful,” says the analyst. It’s farce, “cold spring 2020”, said the publicist.

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