the Government has approved anti-virus support, Russians build vacation plans, but Elon Musk is against the American statistics.

the Total number of patients with the coronavirus in the country rose to 335 882. While 42% of the disease had no symptoms and were discovered only by testing. Died during the day, 139 people, 67 of them in Moscow. For the entire period of the epidemic in Russia from the coronavirus died 3388 patients.

around the world identified more than 5.2 million cases of coronavirus. Over 338 000 people died.

the Epicenter of the pandemic coronavirus this week finally moved in the Western hemisphere. The most worrying situation in Brazil, which came in third place for the number infected and is now second only to the United States and Russia. The experts warn that 19 out of 20 cases of infection in the largest country in Latin America not covered in official statistics.

the Smells cease to feel about 60% of cases of coronavirus, said the Institute of epidemiology and Microbiology named after Pasteur. The sudden disappearance of odors must be isolated and to pass the examination, doctors say.

In Russia is gradually reviving the tourism industry: in June, the resorts will be able to host. But nearly half of potential visitors cautiously looks to the future to go on vacation. Two thirds of Russians in the next six months are going to avoid travelling to foreign resorts.

Some Muscovites are going on vacation in June. The most popular destination among the residents of Moscow became Simferopol. In the second place, Sochi, Anapa, then he goes.

Deputy of the Moscow city Duma, Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on social policy Inna Svyatenko told how it is planned to provide summer employment and recreation to the children of Moscow.

People older than 60 years, recover from COVID-19, produce the greatest quantity of neutralizing antibodies. As found by Chinese scientists, plasma obtained from young patients with mild symptoms of infection, contains less protective proteins, which is required to block the biological activity of the pathogen.

Meanwhile, results of a survey of more than 50 thousand Muscovites for antibodies to the coronavirus. Immunity detected in 12%.

Authorities have approved the new payment for children aged 3 to 16 years, subsidies to compensate for lower revenues in the budgets of the regions, the allocation of funds for lump-sum payments to certain categories of medical workers and other measures.

Country lift the quarantine, one after another; the liberated population were scattered in the grass and hair, in a hurry to get back to work and life. But it is unlikely all of them will succeed, warn economists and financial authorities.

Project news in the framework of the project “5 things I’ll do after the end of isolation” publishes stories stars about their plans for life after it all finally, end.

the Famous musician, the leader of the group “Dancing Minus” Vyacheslav Petkun isolation holds in the suburban house with his wife and children. The musician admitted that he greatly missed his family and his native St. Petersburg.