Every man chose, as will appear before the audience. Sergey Lazarev, for example, from an empty auditorium, Brainstorm – with the rehearsal, and the rapper Ramil’ or the leader of the “Hands up” Sergei Zhukov of the house.

All concert sets lasting from 40 minutes to an hour in a single festival performances were connected by Vladimir Marconi and voice dictation old man. Of course, they were also “on distance”. In the pauses between the performances of musicians leading VK Fest has reached some of the celebrities, sometimes forcing them in quite unexpected places.

a Popular actor Sergey Burunov, for example, he discovered the lesson in the school of DJ Groove… Breakers – Executive roles in the films “the game”, “Burnt by the sun”-2 “Eternal life Alexander hristoforov”, “election Day”-2, “Driver for Vera” and in the TV series “Police Rublyovka”, “Loop”, “Sherlock Holmes” and many others – and even a great connoisseur of electronic music. Therefore, using the fact that during the isolation film is not removed, took advantage of the downtime to learn to be a DJ.

now in the format of a video interview spoke about the things he teaches grove. The actor was quite embarrassed (his new hobby he does not advertise), and therefore answered the questions without the inherent sense of humor and irony. As compensation, leading invented his DJ alias DJ Buran, which Burunov very much.

all in All, VK Fest, which in isolation is not only musical, but also a bit of acting festival, collected over seven days, more than 280 million views. While its broadcast was watched not only in Russia and the CIS, but also in Europe, USA, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Japan. And even in Jamaica and North Korea.

the Total audience amounted to 41 million people in 203 countries. There is something to be proud of our national music! The greatest number of spectators gathered in the end sets “Hands up”, Busta and Ramil’.

however, many artists not with the standard set of hits, and tried to show a new program. The premiere focused, for example, Sergey Lazarev, whose show effectively supported women’s dance group the red boots, red bodysuits and masks. Musicians, however, played in his usual clothes, but at a distance of not less than two meters from each other. And among the new songs Lazarev impressed with the “Labyrinth” and “the Last days of Pompeii”

But the best performance, perhaps, is to recognize the fact that dared Sergei Zhukov. He was just sitting at home in front of a microphone and DJ booth. Friendly talking with the audience, did not forget to promise them and the imminent tour. Shared opinions, added optimism, and then in turn sang the most famous song “Hands up”, starting with “Baby” and “Student”. Sang there, sitting at the console, including written on the eve of the instrumental soundtrack. Atit is, in fact, a friendly meal, which gathered the largest audience for VK Fest.


during the festival the social network “Vkontakte” held a charity event: the audience could raise money for non-profit organizations. We ended with slightly more than two million rubles.

the money will be transferred to the funds AdVita and “Not in vain” that is helping hospitals and doctors to cope with the pandemic coronavirus. As well as center “to” where you can go to for psychological and legal assistance to victims of domestic violence.