SARATOV, 30 Jul – RIA Novosti. Residents of Saratov region, who will decide to go on holidays in may to rest at the nature, do not extend the circle to avoid contact with other companies and to comply with social distancing, reported the regional Department of Rospotrebnadzor.

the power of area from 28 March to 11 may on the background of the threat of the spread of coronavirus have limited the work of objects of trade, and ordered all citizens face masks in public places and not to leave their homes, allowing them to go to the nearest store or pharmacy, walk Pets and take out the garbage. Since April 20 in the region introduced special permits for the movement of citizens. Ershovskiy and baltayskogo areas are under quarantine.

“If he decided to leave the city, you must follow these rules… on vacation: do not expand the social circle, spend may holidays with those who had any contact with (were in the same apartment in isolation) on weekdays; avoid contact/communication with the neighbors at their summer cottage and companies in the outdoor recreation, observe social distancing”, – stated in the recommendations of the Department for the period of may holidays.

the Office urges citizens older than 60 years or those with chronic disease to stay at home, and those who went into the countryside, it is also recommended to follow hygiene measures, wash hands thoroughly with soap and water for at least 30 seconds, and also not to forget about the beginning of the season of activity of ticks.

in addition, the CPS has urged area residents not to drink alcohol because “it reduces the body’s ability to fight infectious diseases, including COVID-19”.

While the Ministry reminded of the need strictly to respect the isolation, the maximum limit contact with relatives, friends, to give up walks and picnics, and for communication and holiday greetings to use modern remote communication tools.

Only in the Saratov region from March 19 to April 30 laboratory confirmed 438 cases of infection with coronavirus. Nine people COVID-19 died, recovered 52 people.

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