Nikas Safronov told that the satirist Anatoly Trushkin seriously ill.

His temperature was over 39 degrees and recorded a decrease of oxygen in the blood, is misleading

Computed tomography revealed bilateral pneumonia.

Trushkin became ill on may 5, but was hoping to lie down at home. But there is no improvement, a middle-aged writer was tormented by cough, shortness of breath began.

Safronov barely managed to persuade a friend to call an ambulance.

Visiting the doctors insisted on hospitalization.

Later Anatoly called Nikas and thanked for what he insisted on calling doctors.

As previously wrote “the Rambler”, Anatoly Trushkin has spoken of the need to pay attention to culture.

“As a humanist, I suppose that we need to educate and invest in the culture. The moral man to take bribes will not.”