The actress Raisa Ryazanov in the program “the Destiny of man” told how he left the life of her only son Danila Perov.

51-year-old actor died in his apartment the couple.

Perov, according to “Rambler”, died suddenly in January of 2020 because of the loose clot. The media noted that people’s artist son’s death was a severe blow. During the farewell with him at the theater “Commonwealth Taganka” actress was inconsolable: she cried a lot and for a long time, something told him. From the coffin Perov Ryazanov took the daughter with her grandson.

Three months after the tragedy, the actress told how her son died. She noted that the last time you phoned him on 21 January. On the night of 22 th day he became ill.

“As told to his wife, he abruptly became cold. Then he began to wheeze. She flew and eyes realized that he did not see or realize what is happening,” – said Ryazanov.

Perov wife called an ambulance, but arrived 7 minutes after the call, the doctors stated the death of the actor. The actress stressed that her son never had serious illnesses except asthma.