Building in Moscow, where in early 2000s starred in the Russian TV project in support of young performers “the star Factory”, took a supermarket. Video depicting former home “manufacturers”, published in Instagram account shows, it has upset users of the social network.

the footage shows that the building, located on the Dmitrov highway, painted in bright green color. Placed on the facade of the store large retailers. “Star house — now here may visit everyone,” commented the author of the publication.

the review members discussed the condition of the house from the popular TV show of the 2000s. “somehow, even pity. Would be better if the Museum did this,” wrote one of them. “God, how pathetic. No words,” added another. “Well, there was a supermarket was a supermarket. A break in the Factory,” said the former host of the TV show Yana Churikova.

“star Factory” came out on the First channel from October 2002 to December 2007 and from March 2011 to July 2012. The fifth season was known as the “Factory of stars Alla Pugacheva” singer became artistic Director of this edition of the project. The last season was filmed under the direction of Konstantin and Valery Meladze.