MOSCOW, April 28/ Radio Sputnik. By mid-2021 in Russia can begin the mandatory registration of mobile devices on the factory number (IMEI), the newspaper “Kommersant”with reference to the new version of the bill group of Federation Council members.

Notes that should help the fight against theft and to limit the interests of the official distributors for indirect sales of smartphones.

the registration Procedure will be paid only for new devices. In the first version of the document proposed to set a limit in the amount of 100 rubles, but the current option, price and payment procedure will establish the government.

it is Assumed that to register the device will be importers, as well as those who imports from abroad.

the Mobile operator can block a smartphone that will not be registered or may coincide with another device. From January 1, 2024 will also block lost or stolen devices.

According to the newspaper, the project passes final approval in the presidential administration, after which it can be introduced in the state Duma.

Earlier radio Sputnik said about the risks of installing applications on the smartphone.

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