Russian students told, who want to be in the future. A survey on this subject was conducted by specialists of the Fund of development of culture and cinematography of "Country".

Thus, the greatest number of students in the future would like to become doctors, Directors and teachers.

"Twelve percent of adolescents are attracted to the profession of doctor and vet, 9 per cent of respondents plan to realize itself in the creative professions, and 7% want to become teachers" – the text of the research results RIA Novosti.

While 6 percent of respondents would like to become programmers and lawyers. Another 3 per cent share of the military profession and athlete. 2.5 percent of students wanted to become entrepreneurs. 2.3 percent of respondents expressed a desire to work in the profession of a cook or a pastry chef.

In addition, among the desirable professions Russian students called degree in mechanical, welder, employee of the Ministry of emergency situations, as well as positions in the areas of buiti services, Finance, architecture, journalism and science.

"About 35 percent of respondents admitted that while they have no dreams, 12 percent answered that they want to be happy and successful. Another 14 percent wish to successfully pass the exam and cope with exams, 13 per cent dream of material things (e.g., buy a car, a house or have much money), 5 percent of travel, and 7 percent want to leave the country", – said the organizers of the survey.

The study was conducted on the basis of 4 173 anonymous surveys of students in grades 7-11. In it have taken part 1 of 654 schools out of the 70 regions of the Russian Federation.

Previously, the teacher called the main difficulties of distance learning. The survey involved 1,200 respondents.