MOSCOW, 10 June — RIA Novosti. the Russian space astrophysical Observatory “Spektr-RG” for the first time examined the entire sky in x-rays, said the Institute of space research.

the Observatory “Spektr-RG” was launched into space in July 2019. In October it reached an operating point at 1.5 million kilometers from Earth.

“it is Finished — telescope ART-XC Observatory “Spektr-RG” completed its first survey of the entire sky! As expected, it took almost exactly six months, during which the telescope continuously scan the celestial sphere in the hard x-rays”, — stated in the message press service Institute.

previously, the map of the entire sky comparable definition were available only in the soft x-ray range — it 30 years ago received the German ROSAT Observatory.

In the hard x-ray range cards also existed, but with much worse clarity — they did the RXTE Observatory of NASA and the Japanese MAXI instrument aboard the ISS.

the Observatory “Spektr-RG”, built at NPO Lavochkin, includes two telescopes: eROSITA created by society extraterrestrial physics Institute of the max Planck (Germany) and ART-XC, developed by space research Institute and manufactured in cooperation with all-Russian research Institute of experimental physics in Sarov and space flight Center Marshall in Huntsville (Alabama).

the Purpose of “Spectrum-RG” — to make for four years the map of the Universe, photographing in high resolution the sky in x-rays. All will be built eight cards, each go for six months. The most accurate map that will combine the eight surveys will be completed and published in the area of 2025.