the Russian doctor Dmitry Ilyin described the condition after a transfusion of blood plasma recovered from coronavirus donor. His appeal was published in “Komsomolskaya Pravda — Saint-Petersburg”.

Infected with a coronavirus infection, resuscitation and intensive care City hospital № 40, in St. Petersburg became the first patient cured from COVID-19 by transfusion of blood plasma.

According to him, improvement occurred on the second day.

the next day he was transferred from intensive care in a hospital, and a day later was discharged from the hospital.

“Disease COVID-19 with bilateral pneumonia is a very serious disease and it is best to stop it early. Techniques that were used in the treatment of my disease is universal. And was also transfused plasma from a patient who has already had the disease,” — said Ilyin, thanking the doctors for treatment.

on may 15 in Federal biomedical the Agency told about the results of treatment of coronavirus-infected patients with plasma ill citizens. The first experience of treatment showed effect in eight patients out of 20. However, patients in critical condition, the effect was not.

as of may 16, in Russia revealed 262 843 infected with coronavirus in 85 regions of the country. For the last day was 10 598 new infections. The number of healed patients increased to 58 226 people. For the entire period died 2 418 people.