Russian deadly robot “Marker” will be easily destroyed in combat, says “Military-industrial courier”.

“Before us is the reincarnation of the tankettes twenties and early thirties. Equipment, which suffered a fiasco and proved to be a dead-end branch of evolution. Only then — unmanned option. Imagine these robots on the battlefield. They are too small to overcome large obstacles, and extremely vulnerable,” predicts the newspaper.

According to the publication, the robots, like “Marker”, “destroyed by fire no guns, and even machine guns and rifles: their armor is too thin. Unlike the infantryman, the wedge can’t be hidden in a trench or a crater”. “In a word, before us — rather new tuhachevskiy, rather than really promising weapons. Money for external propaganda effect” — the newspaper concludes.

the Newspaper reminds that Tukhachevskii (in honor of the Soviet Marshal Mikhail Tukhacheskogo) is considered “vbuhivanie crazy money in a seemingly spectacular, but absolutely useless weapons systems”.

Thus, in the “Military-industrial courier” has responded to planned for 2021 readiness “Marker”.

In July, the eponymous project has been criticized in Popular Mechanics. In a publication of the American edition it was noted that the voice control on the battlefield “Marker” can be a danger to the civilian population. “Relying on armed Autonomous fighting machines might lead to unintended consequences, including civilian casualties,” — said in Popular Mechanics.

Robotic platform “Marker” is a joint project by the Foundation for advanced research and the scientific production Association “Android technology”, which developed the Final product Experimental Demonstration Object Research (FEDOR) in August 2019 flew to the International space station. “Token” must be able to work with small arms and destroy ground and air targets, and get the grenade launcher. In the future, the device will be equipped with drones.