The Governor of the Kirov region, Igor Vasilyev will participate in the testing of the polio vaccine to generate immunity against coronavirus. He stated in his Instagram account during a conversation with the Director of the Department of regional programs AISI by Daria Kislitsyna.

The head of the region noted that it will be one of the volunteers who will test the effectiveness of a new drug that, in the case of successful tests, can be applied throughout the country. This Vasilyev stressed that we are not talking about vaccine COVID-19.

“to Participate in the experiment will be volunteers. 1.5 thousand people. And I including. This is not a vaccine for the coronavirus. It is the possibility of identifying non-specific immunity that will be effective against the coronavirus. Is the ability to protect risk groups – doctors, transport workers, municipal employees, police officers that come into contact with lots of people. And if they have non-specific immunity, then they are either not sick, or will transfer the disease in a mild form,” — said the Governor.

Vasilyev also added that similar experiments will be held in the U.S., but only in July, because at the moment medics are engaged in registration of the drug.

“I hope there will also be exchange of scientific data. It is important for the country, it is important for the whole world, it is important for groups at risk. If they have immunity, we will be able to protect them. This is a very serious scientific experiment in which there is no element of romance or heroism”, — he added.

Vasilyev recalled that Kirov and Kirov region is traditional place for the development of biotechnology. The first penicillin was obtained in the Soviet Union in 1944 in Kirov. The region has great traditions for various biotechnological applications.

Earlier, the head Federal mediko-biological Agency (FMBA) of Russia Veronika Skvortsova said that the antimalarial drug mefloquine on the results of preclinical studies showed the ability of the complete suppression of coronavirus after 48 hours of infection. According to her, this requires a very small dose of two micrograms per milliliter.


At the moment, the vaccine against the new coronavirus does not exist, scientists from different countries, including Russia, are actively engaged in its development. For the treatment of coronavirus infection while the use of unlicensed drugs and experimental therapy, for example, with the use of mefloquine or hydroxychloroquine.