Long-term weather forecast promises nearly all regions of Russia “heavy” August heat, sudden changes in temperature, thunderstorms and strong winds.

In the Moscow region in early August, is expected to remain stable 30-degree heat. Rain until mid-month almost never will, because of the high temperature and dry air in the capital region will be very stuffy.

August 15, the situation changes: temperature will fall to plus of 25 degrees and occasionally will bounce to 10-15 degrees. By the 20 th of the month in the region will be felt the approach of autumn: rainfall almost every day, sometimes strong and long, with wind gusts up to 15-20 meters per second. Daytime temperatures will be only 16-18 plus, and at night – 10-15 degrees Celsius. About the same weather waiting for Moscow and Moscow region in early autumn.

Crimean August will be scorching plus 35-37 degrees. While the heat of the Peninsula may be accompanied by thunderstorms, hurricanes and storms. Weather woes are expected in the Crimea in the middle of the month before the climate situation is calm.

The weather forecast warns that Yalta in mid-August, can cover extensive storm cyclone of rain and wind with gusts up to 20-25 meters per second. Closer to September in Yalta can be a cool plus 23-26. In other cities of Crimea precipitation will be less, but the possibility of storms in the middle of the month remains.

In Sevastopol in August temperatures will linger at the level of 27-28 degrees Celsius, but the sea can be turbulent. In Kerch almost the entire month will be a plus 26-27, heavy rains, winds and thunderstorms is possible only in the last week of August.

In the Stavropol and Krasnodar edges the last month of summer will also be difficult. Extremely hot from August 1 to 9 be in Mineral waters, Kislovodsk and Pyatigorsk, up to 30-35 degrees, in Krasnodar, the air is heated up in Krasnodar 32-36 degrees.

In Sochi a large part of the last month of summer will be Sunny and not disastrously hot, up to 27-28. In Anapa will be up to 28-30 degrees Celsius. The water in the Black sea warms up to plus 23-25 degrees.

To deteriorate weather from 15-20 August. The preliminary forecast promises heavy rains, thunderstorms, winds and turbulent sea.

Forecasters stress that long-term forecasts are often wrong. A more accurate forecast for August, will appear only at the end of July.

As reported by “Rambler”, previously a meteorologist at the hydrometeorological center Roman Vilfand warned that August will be hotter 2020 from Aug. The summers, in his opinion, will be uneven, with periods of heat and cold.

Scientist noted that in the last days of June and beginning of July will bear the risks of increased solar radiation. At this time the Sun is at minimum altitude from the planet, and with the cloudless weather and lack of humidity, the effect is amplified. The risks are high��key and West European part of the country, and in the North Caucasus and the southern Federal district. UV index for determining the level of ultraviolet radiation will be very high – above only “extreme”.

When the UV index is elevated, before going outdoors should use sunscreen, and midday and do better not to be in the sun.

The weather center also warned that prolonged periods of heat can lead to forest fires.

Eugene Tiscover weather center Fobos said that neither in July nor in August will not be bursts of heat, which Moscow, the Moscow region and many other regions have experienced in June. Forecast for August, he called the positive and not extreme.

According to Tiskovna, most of the summer, the temperature in capital region will remain within the boundaries of plus 20-25 degrees during the day and 10-15 degrees at night.

Climate change is being felt in Russia’s neighboring countries. For example, in Ukraine at the end of June the heavy rains. In the West of the country due to heavy rains overflowed the river broke through the dam, the settlements were flooded. In the Ternopil region, a tornado tore roofs from houses. Only since the beginning of summer in Ukraine were registered more than a dozen tornadoes. Ukrainian forecasters believe that due to global warming in the country will be no more real winters and snow can be seen only in the highlands of the Carpathians.

Belarus in the beginning of the summer also covered heat. The tenth of June in the country was set temperature record of the entire history of meteorological observations – plus 33.6 degree in city Zhlobin. Cold in the country is expected only in the very last days of June, up to 19 to 26 degrees Celsius depending on the region, the beginning of July should be cool. Before that in the 11 districts of Belarus there were a ban on visits to forests because of the high level of fire risk.