Music producer Yana Rudkovskaya during a special show “be Careful, Sobchak” told about the earnings of tens of millions of rubles in Instagram. The recording of the program posted on the YouTube channel Ksenia Sobchak.

Rudkovskaya said that thanks to his / her account the social network receives annually about 71 million rubles ($1 million).

“To me are mainly luxury brands. Xenia anatolevny more about two, and I have a million,” she explained.

“Just understand, I have Instagram linked to a Suite. I have contracts with the most expensive cars. My husband is a Porsche, and Rolls-Royce, but I only have a Porsche,” said the producer.

Sobchak said that Rudkovskaya is only a client of fashion brands but does not receive any advertising funds to show their products on your page. She replied that is “other brands”. She reminded that representatives of Dior has offered to host a dinner party at her house. According to the producer, the company would deny other clients wishing to organize such an event.