Producer Yana Rudkovskaya humiliated former member of the musical show “star Factory” Rita Dakota for photos with bags of French fashion house Louis Vuitton. The details of the incident conflict, the singer said on his Instagram account.

According to Dakota, it all started with the fact that she joined several bloggers, who launched the contest, “where among the most active subscribers will play 10 expensive handbags from LV”. Celebrities had to take a picture with the accessories of the brand, so the organizer of the lottery asked her to go to the boutique.

The singer was accompanied by her friend Mary, who is a VIP customer for Louis Vuitton, so the girls were taken to a special Suite, where they filmed the scenes for the competition post. Later, the Dakota called the organizer and said, “what in the Holy apartment entrance is available only for the customers, making the company one million Euro turnover per year, and in Paris, a terrible scandal because of this. Another said that now there someone for me to get fired, and need to remove the post.”

“Even after 5 minutes of me calling Yana Rudkovskaya (note, the climax of the story) and the icy metallic voice announced that the organizer of the circle is actually a she, and I wasn’t even supposed to be, and she perplexed "how I got there". She was a VIP and friend of the brand and she for me, her "Paris calling" but me no one knows at all, and then the flow of arrogant rudeness a few minutes to a number of "clearly explains" why me "giving handbag followers of Louis", reduce the degree of company look "demanski"”, — she told.

Dakota admitted that the conversation with Rudkovskaya brought her to tears: “Jan several times used the word "deshmansky" my "VIP" in the address itself, and the brand and said a bunch of things that made me cry”.

In the comments the singer was supported by the Russian celebrities and bloggers, among whom was singer Kristina si, TV presenter Maria Ivanova, actress Anna Khilkevich, blogger IDA Galich and others.

In July 2017, showing off the clothing luxury brand of Philip Kirkorov and Yana Rudkovskaya asked “to explain the Exodus”. Netizens made fun of Instagram posts domestic celebrities who’ve posed in things from the joint collection of the American brand, Supreme and Louis Vuitton because of their ridiculous attempts to look fashionable.