Due to the loud divorce of public interest in the life of Paul Priluchnogo and Agatha muceniece has increased significantly. In a recent interview with the famous Russian producer mark Rudinshtein has declassified data on earnings of this pair.

Friend Armen Dzhigarkhanyan claims that Paul is a very rich actor. Supposedly only for one day pay him at least half a million rubles. Also Rudinshtein said that Priluchny making good money even during a pandemic, when many of his colleagues are unemployed and coming up with new ways of making a livelihood.

The producer told reporters, “KP”, some shooting is still going on, noting that he doesn’t believe in divorce showman with muceniece, and does not believe that he beat Agatha. According to him, the actress can’t boast of such earnings, as a husband, because he could play out the story of violence to account for PR to new work proposals.

Also Rudinshteyn does not exclude that soon it turns out that the couple is not divorced, and goes talk show, host who will compete for the audience another stellar drama.

“Judge for yourself: Agatha says she was beaten by her husband, and immediately there is a live children’s “Voices”. If a woman’s husband beat, she’s hardly going to work, but rather to the hospital will go", — said the Director.

"I’m a long time Pasha know. He’s not one of those people who will raise a hand to a woman. I am sure that this story on his career bad not affect the people we love to watch family of Santa Barbara. Maybe it was conceived for television. I went through the talk show, I know that many stories there directed. It with Agatha for one program not less than a million would have given. Each”, — summed up Rudinstein.