“In Russia there are areas only accessible in a limited period of time due to natural and climatic conditions, such as certain areas of the far North, the Far East, Siberia, – have explained in a press-service Rosstata. – It is not possible to rewrite the inhabitants of such places in the official terms the main stage of the census 1 through April 30. For them, the timing is shifted. They begin to rewrite in October of this year.”

Just in remote places that are located in 24 regions of the country, home to around half a million people, said in Rosstat.

to get this list populated and districts must meet one of requirements: the distance, the special conditions, the lack of direct transport communication, the instability of aqueous or of air navigation, radio or telephone (including cellular and Internet access), listed in the Department. In addition, the statistics take into account peculiarities of the migration of herders, the release date of the fishery to fishermen, the start of the expedition season, geologists and other people whose work involves spending long periods away from civilization.