Roma the Beast stood for many hours at the building of the Meshchansky court, where on June 26 verdict in the case of Studio seven, one of the defendants which was Kirill Serebrennikov. In his film “Summer” the band “Zveri” talent debuted as a film actor. He played the founder of the group Zoopark Mike Naumenko. In 2018, when Kirill Serebrennikov was already under house arrest, Roma Beast represented “Summer” at the Cannes film festival. He became a witness of how Serebrennikov arrested during filming, and when the picture was completed without a Director, rather, at his remote participation, did much to film took place. On the square in front of the Meshchansky court we talked about what would happen to creative people in the future.

What is the meaning that you come here?

– the Meaning is simple: I and my colleagues came to support the people we trust, whom we respect, with whom I worked. We know that it is – the honest men.

– Remember the court with the participation of our classic, outstanding Director Marlena hutsieva. After many days of exhausting meetings, losing in the unequal struggle, Nikita Mikhalkov, Marlen Martynovich told the judge: “Your honor, I lose faith in humanity.” You have no such feelings now?

– This process and today’s sentencing will make a big impact on all of us. Not only the defendants in the case, “the Seventh Studio”, but at all the people who are in our country, art, theatre, cinema, music. We are all aware that will sound an adequate sentence. It is with justice has nothing to do. And when there is no justice, and you can’t prove his innocence, the questions arise: “Why is this happening?”, “What should we do?” Who are we going to believe and who will not believe? I am sure that after this process will be a big controversy and conflict in the most creative environment among the producers working on the power of serving it, and for those creative people who are not in this trough and try to do something independently. Here will be a big problem, and it will not lead to anything good. Will be full Destro, conflicts, accusations against each other.

it’s Amazing how fate brought you with Cyril, and you’ve got a great role.

– We, the countrymen. Cyril – from Rostov-on-don, I – from Taganrog. I still remember his work on the TV channel “don-TR”, his first performances in the theater, shooting videos for bands. And in 2016, he invited me to participate in the filming of “Summer”.

you were not familiar with?

We were familiar with, but not so close. Watched each other. We’re in the same creative environment, follow the news in music, theatre and cinema. All in sight of each other.

– In Rostov-on-don I SPhave rashiwala people of Cyril, and they said, “Yeah, heard something about him, I think he stole something.”

– Yes, because all the media subservient to the state, the Federal channels are engaged in propaganda. We all know about it. And many people don’t know. They include a TV, where they are presented with something that should not be taken as true where do black PR. It was possible to hear that silver is making a film about the fact that Choi was gay, that he staged in the theatre Orgy with naked women. Just watered with human filth. And those who did, their hands are dirty. And not only hands but also their mouths. Trust this is impossible. But we, unfortunately, civil society is not yet formed. There are people who sit in front of the TV and blindly, naively trust what they say from the screen. Therefore, such an attitude was formed. We have a very difficult people to live. Economically difficult. I’m not talking about cultural life. People rarely go to the theater and movie watching mainly the low-quality Comedy, cheap movies, during which you can eat popcorn, to have fun, spend some leisure time. The work was carried out to create a negative image of Cyril immediately. Even before the trials it was said that he stole. But you can’t. It is dishonest and immoral. A complete disgusting! I have the feeling that we all hold for cattle, for uneducated people, you are the cattle, sit down and shut up. In this court we see belongs to us power. We are nothing to her. The words of respected people who make art in our country, the great Directors and actors such as Alexander Sokurov and Alexander Kalyagin, do not work. Who has not defended by Kirill Serebrennikov and his colleagues. This suggests that the authorities wanted to spit on us.

– it has been reported that Dmitry Peskov, said: we have listened to the statements of culture.

– a tale Peskov. I don’t trust it, and do not want to hear, because all the stories, again, for people who are far away from what is really happening in the country. And we have such people, unfortunately, are many. I don’t blame them. We have a hard life. People are not up to the trials. They are trying to survive, to get out of different situations, especially those related to pandemic and coronavirus. Many people lost their jobs, and the state does not help them, although officials say that help children and the unemployed. But what I see and hear from their relatives and friends, does not correspond to such statements. I tend to trust people, not the government and television.