almost the main hero of the festivities associated with the Victory day Parade in St. Petersburg has become one of the veterans who were invited as honorary audience to the podium and caught in the lenses of television and photojournalists. Attention was drawn to the “iconostasis” on his chest this captain 1st rank in retirement. Among other awards they wore the order of “Victory” – a unique award, which was awarded at the time only 17 people led by Stalin and Zhukov. Really there were now eighteenth?

In online communities the phenomenon of cavalier “Victory” caused a storm of responses. Because “Victory” is a unique, individual award – the highest military order of the Soviet Union.

it is Known that there were made 22 copies of the order, which was awarded 19. Awarded military leaders – I. V. Stalin, marshals G. K. Zhukov and A. M. Vasilevsky (all three double-recipients of the order), marshals Rokossovsky, Konev, Malinovsky, R. I, General and future U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower, Marshal of Yugoslavia, Josip Broz Tito, the king of Romania Mihai I… Later, in 1978, the “Victory” was handed to Secretary General Leonid Brezhnev, however, a decade later, this award was cancelled.

do You feel people of “calibre” have received the order?! And suddenly – such a high award on the chest of a captain 1st rank…

the St. Petersburg journalists were able to “identify” this mysterious “super-script”. It turned out that the person with the “Winning” name is Basil Yavorsky. 92-year-old retired commander in the great Patriotic 14-year-old boy enrolled in the school of Jung, and in 17 years, as a cadet of the Pacific naval school, took part in the war against Japan. For those military exploits of the veteran in the pack time was awarded the medal “For victory over Japan”, and in the year of the 40th anniversary of the Victory was handed another order of the Patriotic war II degree. But next to these insignia appeared on his chest and Jaworski “Marshall” order “Victory”?

As found at the veteran correspondent of the news portal “”, this is not the order, and “the order “Victory”. It gave jaworska several years ago, the public organization “Union of Soviet officers”, active which he is a member.

the CEC Chairman, the United International “Union of Soviet officers” the General-the Lieutenant in resignation, the member of the Central Committee of the Communist party and former state Duma Deputy Gennady Benov explained in an interview to “Fontanka”: in this organization for several years practiced the ceremonial presentation at the plenaries, awards to most active members.

And as these awards are, it turns out, including copies of Soviet orders.

Benow even said the situation with the order of “Victory”: “Before the next plenary session I went to the market near sports complex�� “Olympic” in Moscow and bought ten models of the order – in 1500-2000 rubles apiece. Made well, look great. The price depended on the degree of “blessedest” stones imitating diamonds. We are eight handed, including jaworska. Two still left… Jaworski received the sign as a participant of the great Patriotic war”.

and so was the veteran more “deserved”, and attracted attention to his person. By the way, many scholars medal “etiquette” noted in their comments that their “Victory” – albeit fake, Vasily Khrisanfovich attached to his uniform incorrectly: this order according to its Statute, should be worn on the left, not the right side of the chest.

Judging by the responses of veteran journalists ‘ questions, he does not see anything special in that put on the uniform of the “Marshall” badge (Jaworski, was the only such “victorious” in St. Petersburg).

And the opinions of the users of the networks discussing this case at the Victory Parade, divided. Here are just a couple of comments-“antagonists”

“If it is an elderly grandfather, who defended us, wanted to put on the order of “Victory” even if it is not present that with it. If at least some of the awards that he is real, even if wears and wears and this order. You do not judge him you are pierced through the trenches, through the bombing and death of comrades! Many of those that write comments to this post have put in pants when the first attack or the bombing, and may not be survived, and he survived! Leave him alone!”

“somehow, for the forgery of banknotes is the responsibility. Even for manufacturing fakes of “Bank of tricks” too. Cheek that produced this “icon” or, as you call it newfangled “replica”, sneered at the order of “Victory”. The veteran has participated in this mockery. And you must understand that in this remark you will see a whole range of others: Lenin, red banner, red Star, etc., provided that there is no negative reaction of the society and appropriate measures of the authorities to the mocking podelshchik.”

the Order of “Victory” was established by the decree of Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR of November 8, 1943. The insignia itself is a real work of jewelry art. It is made of platinum, gold and silver (the total weight of these precious metals 68 grams) inlaid with 174 diamonds.

According to the most cautious estimates, the collectors the price of this order may exceed $ 4 million. Just where they will find the offer to sell such a rarity? It’s almost unbelievable situation! According to available information, today the vast majority of “Wins” is in the collections of major Russian and foreign museums and in our Gokhran. There is no precise information only about the location two such orders – that was intended, but was never presented to the President of France, Charles de Gaulle, and who in 1945 was awarded the Polish Marshall Rola-Geymerskogo.